Semantic Net

The Semantic Scale Network (SSN) is an easy-to-use online application that helps researchers detect semantically related scales. As input, the app merely requires scale items (i.e. the question texts).

For example, imagine you want to measure ‘social drive’. Simply enter items that you believe might be relevant for this construct and discover similar scales. Try it here!

Motivation for the app

Often times researchers have a rough idea of which items might measure a specific construct. In contrast, knowledge of names of relevant scales is less wide-spread, in part because different fields use different labels to refer to the same construct.

The Semantic Scale Network bridges this gap between research fields. It also tackles the proliferation of redundant scales that are developed due to a lack of awareness of “what is our there”, a big problem in psychology.

The app is actively being developed together with Hannes Rosenbusch and Ilse Pit.