Paper Agenda

I could not find the agenda that I wanted, so I decided to knit one. Can be printed and bound for a bit more than 10€ at any good (online) copy-shop.

cover_and_back cover inside back


  • A4 agenda.1
  • One week on two pages.
  • Monthly overview with week numbers and highlighted weekends.
  • Monthly overview can be viewed at the back of the agenda without opening the agenda (choose a transparent foil when printing).
  • Monthly overview stays up to date by tearing outdated overview pages.
  • Soft cover (when printed at a copy shop).


Preview the agenda or head over to github and

  1. Download or clone this repository.
  2. In R-Studio, set the Sweave Options (under Global Options) to XeLaTeX. Then knit calendarMaster.Rnw to create the agenda.
  3. Search for “Customizable input” in calendarMaster.Rnw to
  • enter a date at which the agenda should start (can be literally any date)
  • specify how many monthly overview sheets you would like
  • enter the first and last hour you would like to see in the weekly agenda

1: All relevant heights/widths are relative, so if you want to change the format, the agenda should still be displayed correctly.